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Apr 12, 2001

Popular note-taking app Evernote today unveiled a major redesign to its interface that it's calling Home, a dashboard interface that aims to keep users organized by putting the information they need each day in one easily accessible place.


Home is a brand-new way to start your day in Evernote; a one-stop dashboard that puts the information you need front and center—neatly organized and instantly available—so you can stay on top of your day without feeling overwhelmed.
The Home dashboard includes widgets that present important notes, tags, documents, and shortcuts in a unified UI, with intelligent suggestions of useful content to start each day.

Users with an Evernote Basic or Plus account are presented with several widgets each day, including Notes, Scratch Pad, Recently Captured, Notebooks, Pinned Note, Tags, and Shortcuts.

Evernote Premium and Business subscribers also have the ability to resize, reorder, and remove widgets to customize their Home dashboard, and have access to options that allow them to change the background image.

Evernote's developers say they will be introducing additional widgets that reach deeper into Evernote and explore new capabilities that make Home more powerful. Evernote's basic plan is free, while Premium ($4.99 a month) and Business ($10.99 a month) plans are available to trial for 30 days for free. The company is also currently offering a 40% discount on the Premium subscription, available until February 4.

Article Link: Evernote Note-Taking App Launches 'Home' One-Stop Information Dashboard


Mar 30, 2019
San Francisco
So far it looks very nice on iPhone, and I’m looking forward to trying it out on the desktop and iPad too. Already I am noticing a great maturity in it just in a few seconds of use. Evernote has suffered with a very heavy, counterintuitive, clunky, and buggy UI/UX, especially on the Mac, and I once had some really important notes just disappear forever sporadically without being in Trash or backed up to cloud. I have been irritated with them ever since but am eager to give them another shot.

The brand has always been very appealing to me though (an elephant never forgets!), and the app sticks more in my mind over solutions like Dropbox Paper which I feel enforces too much opinion to the organizational structure of files. I also gave Bear a try but don’t like the Markdown showing, and there’s just something about it that never sticks with me.


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Jan 14, 2021
What is the most desirable functionality this would provide for you on the Apple Watch though? It’d be cumbersome to scroll through notes on the Watch, especially since rich text is so ingrained within Evernote.
Convenience. That's what Apple's all about.


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Jan 14, 2021
The Apple Watch version has been available for quite some time:

See above post. Looks like it is on Apple Watch already. So... that’s convenience for ya.
It's been unavailable for months, it only works with an older version of the app... as that very link says.
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Aug 23, 2009
I moved from evernote because scrolling through notes was tedious, their UI means only 5-6 notes can fit on a screen, even on the biggest iphone, going into them and waiting for them to load felt like a long time, compare this with Onenote, very dense, and loads quickly. I wish Evernote gave options on viewing preference, it did a lot of things very well and was better to use over all but actually accessing the notes was a lot more important to me.

I just checked on my 12 Pro Max, it can fit 12 notes in a list, with previews and thumbnails if there is an image. Much more usable.



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Jan 14, 2020
I used Evernote for years, then stopped due to privacy concerns when they changed their privacy policy in 2017. They seemed to lose their way after that.

Apple introduced more advanced features to Notes around that time, I switched and haven’t looked back. I realised I used to hoard data that I never really looked at after saving it to Evernote. I stopped doing that when I switched to Notes.

I do miss the tagging and search functions from Evernote, I wonder if it might be possible to replicate some of that using Shortcuts ?

edit: yes, sort of:
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Dec 20, 2019
For me personally Apple Notes is much better. Synchronization just works whereas in Evernote the very same thing occasionally stopped working. Also when working on the same Note with 2 different devices simultaneously Evernote just can't handle it. Oh and embedded PDFs is just so hard to use. Apple Notes is the king for me + it's free.
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Jan 14, 2020
“Popular ” note taking app? Was popular when there was no subscription cost! Not sure how you claim it’s still popular
I was a Evernote premium subscriber for years, in the work I was doing at the time (lots of meetings) it was an incredibly valuable tool.
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Sep 20, 2006
There & Back Again
I migrated away from this years ago because of privacy concerns. Surprised people still using it.
I was just about the say the same thing. I was a Premium user, I really loved the app, until I started looking into some of the privacy issues. I switched to OneNote, its definitely not as good, but I'm a lot more at ease about my info being in that tool.
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Aug 4, 2008
I was a basic user, thinking about getting the premium version about 14 days ago. I started using the Mac version and it was a horrible experience. Empty notes, trouble with embedded PDF files and syncing the notes was slow and not very reliable. During the transition from the "old" Mac version to the "new" Mac version they 've (temporarily?) disabled some menu items. These new features are absolutely useless if the bugs i've had on my Mac (and I wasn't the only one) are not solved.


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Feb 2, 2010
London, UK
What is the most desirable functionality this would provide for you on the Apple Watch though? It’d be cumbersome to scroll through notes on the Watch, especially since rich text is so ingrained within Evernote

Creating a new note on the fly via dictation for something you need to quickly remember. Or for a shopping list, to do list or some other list you might want to conveniently and possibly frequently consult when out and about. The ability to pin it as a shortcut and then get to it quickly to consult it on my watch without needing to pull out my phone is what I would use it for. Occasionally I might search notes (probably via dictation) but at that point in most cases I would probably get out my phone.

Yes, there are numerous other apps that could be used for the above but if I am already using an app I like that app to cover as much of the functionality that I want as possible so that I can streamline the number of the apps I have to install. I do realise that there is a counter-argument for people that want apps focussed and streamlined and worry about them getting bloated so there clearly is a balance to be met.

The Apple Watch situation with Evernote is made more infuriating, at least for me, because before the big EN re-write it did support Apple Watch. I believe EN have said AW support is coming back but no indication that I have seen as to when.

Just sayin...

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Jan 8, 2008
Evernote? You mean the note taking app that was unable to alphabetically or numerically sort a simple list, despite being asked by multiple users for said functionality...for over TEN YEARS? I’d almost forgotten it existed since my switch to OneNote (which sorts perfectly and easily). Thanks for the trip down memory lane!

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