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Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by mknabster, Jan 1, 2013.

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    We had a power surge one day, and it seems that after it, everything has gone to heck with my dual G5 in which i'm using as a file server. Ever since then, i have been getting kernel panics, and after them, the OS won't boot. So i have been reinstalling the OS from the dual layer DVD i have od Leopard server. It runs fine for a few days, then it crashes. At first, i thought it was a Lacie firewire 800 card i had installed, so i removed that, but it still happened a few days later. Then i throught it was my firewire 800 drive i had plugged in, removed that, reinstalled the OS, and it worked for a few days until the point i'm at now. I was transferring files over my home network to the 3TB hard drive i have in it, and then about an hour later, the computer crashes and reboots itself. I came down to check on it, and it was at the apple start screen with the spinning wheel. It then rebooted itself 3x until it froze at the spinning wheel again for minutes.

    I then tried again to boot, except with the OS DVD in, and it actually was able to boot to the desktop, I tried to open the crash report, but that crashed for some reason. I then went into Onyx to test the drive, and it said that the verification failed, and to reboot with the OS DVd to fix them. I'm in the process of verifying the disk permissions, but it doesn't seem to be going anywhere, and then gives a kernel panic. So what could this mean?

    Is my boot hard drive bad? Like, what can cause a kernel panic to not allow the computer to boot again? It seems like this keeps happening when i write to the drive from a rmeote location, but not on the computer itself. And when i access the files through my LAN, just reading them, there's never a problem. Before that power surge in the house, I had it running without a problem for about 6 months. The only difference now is that i updated to security update 2011-004 when before i didn't. Could that be a factor too?

    If anyone could shed some light on this, it would be great.

    Edit: Little update, after the computer rebooted itself while tring to fix the disk permissions, I tried booting off of the Leopard disc so i can attempt a reinstall, and i get a kernel panic a few minutes into trying to read it again.
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    It sure sounds like a bad drive. But it could also be a bad ram stick. Power surges can really mess things up. If you have Apple Hardware Test handy you can boot off that disk and run diags. That may determine what's wrong.

    A bad ram stick can cause improper writes to a hard drive. An otherwise good drive can then have the data on it corrupted because of those bad writes. That in turn causes the system to have problems.

    You need to determine what's wrong. My money would be a bad ram stick causing corruption but you never know.
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    I did actually replace 2 of the 4 sticks, maybe i'll try pulling the other 2 left and see if it still happens. This makes me want to invest in a UPS to help absorb any other power surges we might have.
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    I had a lighting strike damage the power supply in a G4 Power Mac a couple of years ago. It would start but freeze after a few mins. I do not remember getting kernel panics, but if you can't get the situation resolved with the RAM it might be the power supply.

    Here is Apple's support page for Kernel Panics.



    That sounds like the RAM or the power supply to me. The rebooting could be trying to protect itself from a faulty power supply, which is the first point of entry for a power surge.

    Definitely keep all of your computers on surge protectors in the future. My Power Mac that happened to was at my brother's house and they did not have surge protectors (they do now).

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