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    Jan 29, 2010
    I have long been using Evocam software with my iSight camera to send jpgs to my web page when my cats activate the motion sensor. I can view the last eight time stamped picts while away on travel from any browser. Well the host of website screwed me up so I have decided to move my web page to MobileMe.

    Can you help me with any of the following:

    1. When a cat activates the motion sensor, a picture is taken (i.e. webcam.jpg) and is uploaded via ftp to the host file server. When I go to my webpage URL the picts are incorporated. In the evocam software I must give the location of the ftp server to upload the picts. My old entry for my mediacom hosted site was:


    Does anyone know what the entry would be for a MobileMe hosted website?

    BTW my new URL (under construction) is http://web.me.com/r.ketcham

    I do not know if you need that.

    2. Using BBedit is there any way I can upload an html for my web page on mobileme without using iWeb?

    3. Can I see and edit an iWeb created page in BBedit?

    Ron Ketcham

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