Evolution of OS X to Windows Wizards Nearly Complete

Discussion in 'macOS' started by swingerofbirch, Jun 7, 2015.

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    I've been saying for years that Apple is moving away from simple, powerful UI paradigms to what Mac users used to decry in the Windows world: "wizards."

    Tonight I was using Photos for the third or fourth time and found that this change is not a series of mistakes but intentional.

    I have the sidebar turned on in Photos. But I can't just create a new empty album and then drag pictures in as I choose. If I create a new album, I am forced to pick pictures and then hit Done.

    What made the Mac so powerful from its earliest days was creating a few simple rules that consistently worked no matter what. Dragging a file to a folder was the same action as dragging a file to a floppy disk. It's hard to overstate how incredibly empowering that was as a UI concept. You create rules that let the user understand how the environment will consistently work, and it makes a lot of things possible.

    Wizards, on the other hand, are single purpose. They walk you through a single task. It is tedious.

    I remember when iPhoto was introduced. You know what Steve Jobs pointed out as the big draw? The side bar! He pointed out how if you knew how to use iTunes, you knew how to use iPhoto. It was an incredibly simple and powerful paradigm. You have a library, you create playlists/albums, and you drag and drop.

    Don't even get me started on the way you create and access playlists in iTunes today.

    iPhone apps are designed to walk you through processes. And that's what's happening on the Mac now. For now, the Finder, Safari, and Mail have been spared. iLife has been dismantled piece by piece. iTunes is a mess. iPhoto was becoming a mess and is gone. And iMovie has been a mess every version after iMovie 06 HD. I don't want a Wizard to help me make a movie trailer. I want to turn off that stupid timeline that thinks it knows where I want to place clips but isn't right. Using iMovie is like wrestling with an alligator.

    It turns out Photos is that way too.

    For me, the best photo management option on the Mac is Image Capture and the Finder and then using Preview for edits like cropping.

    That's pretty pathetic, Apple.

    EDIT: OK, don't attack me. There is a "New Empty Album . . ." from the File menu that does what I wanted it to do. My overall points still stand.
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    I will tell you that I have not encountered any of these instances you mention, personally, but I don't doubt your point about wizards.
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    Can't say I really disagree. Wish I could. :/

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