eWeather HD 2.8: Be ready for severe weather

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    Today we are very happy to release the version 2.8 of eWeather HD for iPad, and iPhone. This update improves the app in a number ways, ranging from a fresh look and feel, new visual theme, new severe weather alert system for U.S. and Europe, multilayered weather maps, and all-around stability improvements. We really hope you enjoy using it!

    eWeather HD App Store

    eWeather for iOS 2.8 introduces a new, exciting look & feel. Our goal wasn't just to make eWeather HD prettier for you. Whether you're reading a detailed forecast, watching on the amazing "weather clocks" or interactive maps we wanted to give you more contrast on the screen to concentrate on the data. The most apparent visual change on the iPhone and iPad is the new visual theme. The high contrast of complementary colors creates a vibrant look and feel especially when used at sunny day or in a dark environment.

    The new weather maps combines multiple layers of advanced weather information: vector-based maps with severe weather areas, city temperatures, high-resolution weather radar (U.S.) and earthquakes.

    Vector-based maps allow to get accurate areas affected by weather-related extreme events (or forecasts of these extreme events). Severe weather maps and bulletins now available for the entire U.S. and 13 European countries including Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, France, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Switzerland and United Kingdom.

    eWeather HD delivers data to your device with a clear and accurate picture of the storm along with official warnings. It truly provides weather data when you need it...where you need it.


    eWeather HD 2.8 highlights:

    * New multilayered weather map
    * Severe weather alerts for Europe
    * Severe Alerts Map (U.S. and Europe)
    * Improved look & feel
    * Two visual themes


    • Available in 37 languages (by native speakers)
    • Full retina display support (HD graphics)
    • Designed for iPhone 5 - 3GS, iPad 4 - iPad, iPad mini, iPod Touch 5 - 2 gen.
    • iOS 6.x, iOS 5.x, iOS 4.3.x
    • A low demand on your resources
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    Just wondering where you get your weather data from. I used eWeather for awhile, but found that the temperatures were about 5 degrees or more off from other weather apps and actual local conditions. Otherwise, I really liked the look and layout of the app.
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    It's a decent app, but I really hate the icons for the weather. Especially the one for the sun. It's really horrible and harsh to look at.
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    Happy Independence Day! Enjoy fairly nice weather for Fourth of July. Use eWeather HD to Stay Informed about Weather !

    Use eWeather HD to Stay Informed about the Weather !
    App Store link: eWeather HD

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