Ex-Adobe engineers: We raised red flags that went unheeded

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    Ex-Adobe engineers: We raised red flags that went unheeded; Adobe closed mobile department in ‘07
    Sunday, May 02, 2010

    "In an open letter published Thursday, Steve Jobs outlined a half dozen reasons why Apple is not supporting Flash on its mobile platform," Brian X. Chen reports for Wired.

    "Carlos Icaza and Walter Luh, former Adobe mobile engineers, said they were raising flags at Adobe in 2007 about the same complaints that Jobs detailed Thursday," Chen reports. "'Walter and I, being the lead architects for Flash Lite, we were seeing the iPhone touch devices coming out, and we kept saying 'Hey, this is coming along,'' Icaza said in a phone interview. 'You have this white elephant that everybody ignored. Half the [Adobe] mobile business unit was carrying iPhones, and yet the management team wasn’t doing anything about it.'"

    Chen reports, "They said they left Adobe because executives did not take the iPhone seriously when Apple announced the touchscreen device in 2007. Instead, Adobe focused on feature phones (cellphones with lightweight web features, not smartphones) and invested in development of Flash Lite to play Flash videos on such devices. Subsequently, Adobe shut down the mobile business unit in 2007, and has suffered from a brain drain in the mobility space ever since, Icaza and Luh said."


    Although I love to slag on Adobe and other tech outfits that never seem to learn, I posted this because it's actually an interesting piece. It reminds me of the internal e-mails (which went largely ignored) between Allchin and Microsoft execs many moons ago.
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    This hardly matters though does it? Because Mr Jobs doesn't like flash anyway, regardless whether Adobe took the idea seriously or not.
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    I don't think he has said he doesn't like flash. He just doesn't like how flash is currently implemented on the iPhone/iPad OS system and on the Mac OS.
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    This doesn't suprise me at all. Adobe didn't even care enough to develop a SW client good enough for the iphone and just wanted it to use Flash lite.

    Flash lite is a POS. The problem with adobe is that they are trying to place a desktop client on a mobile device. They aren't focusing on developing something new from the ground up. And that's going to hurt them in the end.
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    Actually, it matters quite a lot. The Adobe engineers confirm that the issues that Jobs raises now where raised three years ago in-house by Adobe engineers. It places the fault for the consequences squarely at the door of Adobe and its senior management.

    You may believe that Apple should allow Flash on the iPhone, no matter what. However, Steve Jobs disagrees with you and he is the one who gets to decide.
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    Quite right. Especially considering Siñor Jobs' biggest gripe about flash is is performance on OS X, something which the flash mobile department has no control over.
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    They'd look even worse if they'd continued investing in that mobile department only to have Apple shut it down for them.

    Smart move, sort of accidentally prescient. :)

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