Excel 2011 unusably slow even on i7?

Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by jtcedinburgh, Jun 20, 2012.

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    Hi folks,

    I run a spreadsheet for processing expenses and so on for my small business. It's not huge but not trivial by any means. However, though I'm running it on a 2.9GHz i7 quad with plenty of ram and an SSD disk, it still runs almost unusably slowly. Oftentimes there are pauses of up to a second when I'm moving between cells.

    Anyone know what's going on? I am fairly positive that it's not meant to be this slow, but successive software updates haven't changed things so I'm beginning to wonder. I'd port it into a different app (Numbers?) but I'm not convinced that doing that would be an easy process as there are a lot of summations and some conditional logic behind many of the cells.

    I'd understand it being slow on (say) an old creaky machine, but a quad core i7? Surely not.

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    Feb 3, 2012
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    The app is just extremely poorly coded and just generally ****.

    I have the same issues.

    I run Office 2010 in VMWare Fusion running Windows 7 x64. It runs MANY times better.

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