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Discussion in 'Mac Programming' started by 1365281, Oct 22, 2007.

  1. 1365281 Suspended

    Oct 27, 2006

    Data Analysis wasn't available in my Tools menu so I followed the intructions:
    Tools > Add-Ins...
    Check the selection for Analysis Toolpack
    Click OK

    Nothing happened. Once again,- nothing, no Data Analysis in Tools menu added.

    Then I found on the Internet that the problem could be a minimal install of my Excel.

    O.K.next thing I did is reinstalling entire MS Office. The message I get as soon as I open Excel is the Analysis Toolpack is not possible to locate ("introuvable" in french). Idem for Toolpack VBA.

    I wander how it got "dislocated" and where. Could you, please, provide me with some advise?
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    Jun 6, 2003
    Solon, OH
    First of all, this belongs in Mac Applications, not Programming. Secondly, are you up to date with your Office revisions? If not I'd recommend installing the latest update(s) first. Should that fail, the next thing to try is poking around inside your Office folder, and see if you can figure out where, exactly, all the Excel add-ins are located. Once you've found them, perhaps there is a way to manually tell Excel where to find its Analysis Toolpack. (DISCLAIMER: I don't use Office myself, but I know someone who does.)

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