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    My first post, please be gentle...sorry if this is in the wrong forum!

    Today a student presented me with an issue I haven't come across before - he was sent an Excel file which has password protection enabled on the worksheets (the file is not password protected, just the worksheets within the workbook).

    The workbook opens fine but it is as if it is in 'Read Only' mode. He cannot select any cells, or more specifically, click on any of the slicers which are appear on one of the worksheets.

    I have opened the file in Excel on a PC and, although the worksheets are protected, I can use the slicers and and click into any of the cells without any issues.

    However, when I open the same Excel file on my MacBook Pro (Excel for Mac 2016 (Office 365)) I experience the same issues the student does, I can't click on any cells or slicers.

    Question 1: Does Excel for Mac handle protected worksheets differently to Excel on PC?
    Question 2: Is there a solution to make the file usable?

    Already checked:
    • I have saved the file to my desktop and it does not have the padlock icon
    • Get Info indicates the file is not 'Locked'
    • I can't access 'Properties' from the File menu as it is disabled
    • The file name does not contain any illegal characters (i.e. / etc.)
    If anyone can help with this, I would be eternally grateful.

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    Although I haven't encountered that issue. I have found that LibreOffice can sometimes work with Excel files created by Windows users which do not work in the Mac version of Excel.
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