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    Wasn't quite sure where to post this, but I need some help with an Excel Spreadsheet. I have created a basic one for me and friends outgoings in our house regarding a bill, then it splits it down into two so we can easily see how much it costs us each. I have a third column that I don't know how to set up.

    What I want is a column to show the difference from last month, and weather thats +£ or -£ than last month. I plan on using different sheets in one workbook for each month of the year. I have noooooo idea how to do it, and hope someone can help.

    I have attached the speadsheet if thats any help. Edit: Can be downloaded here.

    Thanks in advance,
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    click on cell E4 and type "=$C4-D4" and then click on cell E4 again and drag it down to cell E14 by clicking on the little square in the bottom right corner.

    the cells from C4 to C14 are now referenced so when you change the values the difference changes and so does column D as youve referenced it aswell.

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