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Discussion in 'iPad Apps' started by roycemac, Jan 10, 2012.

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    Just wanted to post my results after searching for the best app to view Excel sheets on an Ipad...

    It was messy. I sampled Readdle Docs, DocsToGo, Quick Office and Numbers.

    let's start by stating that THERE IS NO APP for IPAD that will allow you to get complete Excel functionality on your Ipad. period. Don't buy the hype or the claims...they are just not true. Shame on ALL of them for making such claims.
    You cannot EVER view Excel Cell Comments.
    You will lose some native Fonts (understandable)
    You will lose most of your formulas.

    The best you can hope for is a clear and smooth VIEW of the spreadsheet so you have info as a reference. personally, I would NEVER attempt to EDIT and SYNC anything other than the most basic excel worksheet. You WILL get into trouble.
    For those of you who make such claims, I would say that you THINK you're doing advanced functions....but, alas, you are not...because it just doesn't work reliably.

    Of the apps that I bought and used, DocsToGo had the best bluetooth Sync, but unfortunately it would fragment a workbook and only take a few sheets of many...and randomly! The user interface and screen res was, well, awful. In my opinion, in the year 2012, completely unacceptable. Save your money.

    Readdle Docs interface was absolutely the worst I have ever seen for an office app of any kind. So annoying that it took me only 30 seconds to declare it completely unusable.

    Enter Quick office & Numbers. Numbers was the clear winner if you don't need to deal with other docs...I don't. Excel was my only target.
    Numbers is perfect. It can sync yrou excel files with ease via ITunes. It gives you fantastic screen resolution ...crystal clear, and can zoom and scroll with ease and speed.

    At $10 it's pricey, but on a $1,000 device (ipad, case, data plan) it really isn't anything to cry about.
    Maybe one day I will be able to view my excel cell comments on my Ipad. Still not sure why this is so difficult to do. I would like to hear the techinical explanation if anyone knows.
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