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    I have 2 columns. One with a name and one with the number associated with that name. The numbers are weighted averages so not whole integers (1.3,1.7,3.4 ect...). There are also empty rows due to a previous pass to eliminate them from the list. I'm using excel 2008 but the sort I'm trying to do (descending) doesn't work. It gets confused with the empty cell and also if I change the empty row output to a zero. Does anyone know the best way for me to sort the data and keep the correct name with the integer?
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    Excel can't sort data very well if there aren't values across the entire row. If you added another variable column and left your other one with the blanks in then you may be able to sort. Then you could delete the new column. If you don't have enough information excel will just do the best it can.
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    Haven't used Excel in some time, but in neoOffice you highlight the entire block, from the integer to the name, select Sort from the Data menu, and sort ether ascending or descending on the column ID of the integer.

    Good luck.
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    it should have no issue sorting the data whether the cell is empty or zero. are you sure that all the cells are selected and not just a sample? can you attach the file here?
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    Sort using auto-filters... It keeps everything together, and you can deselect the blanks so they are excluded, without actually changing any data.

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