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    I have 2 spreadsheets. In the first is 2 columns ID and Name. The ID column being blank. The same Name is listed several times in the rows.

    ID / Name
    / A
    / A
    / A
    / A
    / B
    / B
    / C

    In the 2nd sheet I have 2 columns ID and Name. Both fields are filled out but name is only listed 1x.

    What's the best way to use an Excel formula to show the ID multiply times next to a name in sheet 1? I used the VLOOKUP formula for a different sheet, but it's not working for this.

    Any ideas?
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    I'm not exactly sure what you mean by "ID multiply times next to a name". However, VLOOKUP in my opinion is mostly worthless. Instead try using index/find function.

    Sheet 1 ID - Column A
    Sheet 1 Names - Column B
    Sheet 2 ID - Column C
    Sheet 2 Names Column D

    For your needs try putting the following in your blank ID boxes.

    =index(D: D,match(A1,C:C,0))

    After you've filled in the first blank just move your cursor over the bottom right of the cell until your cursor changes to a black + then drag the formula down into all the remaining cells needing matched.

    Side Note - Don't put a space between the D: D. I had to do this to prevent :D from happening

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