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Discussion in 'iPad Apps' started by franmatt80, Jul 18, 2010.

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    Jan 11, 2010
    Is anyone using iCase? I downloaded it when I first got my iPad as it offers full file syncing (I.e. Through a desk top manager so I know I always have the most up to dates version on phone/pad/MacBook) and transfer via iTunes and remote server. However, it didn't have the 'Open in...' function until recently so it wasn't very useful.

    Now they've added it so I can open file from iCase into another programme and open attachments etc back into iCase- really excellent.

    I'd recommend this to anyone who wants to have local storage and not have to rely on having an internet connection to hook up to Dropbox, likes using a sync manager so that most current files are always synced, and appreciates very speedy synchronising. I have it on my iPhone too.

    It doesn't have the added functionalities of Airsharing and Goodreader, but I really like the sync manager so I don't have to keep endlessly deleting large folders in Airsharing and reuploading which takes ages every night...

    As a tip to anyone who might find it useful, I keep all the files I want to have on my iPad (I.e. My work folders) which comes to just under 2 GB, in my dropbox folder, and I sync the Dropbox folder to iCase. So I always have cloud access to the files too.

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