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    I bought an iPhone 3GS for a friend who's a n00b. He doesn't even have a computer. So being able to access the Net on his phone is a big thing for him. He got the 200 mb plan from AT&T. I showed him how the phone works. That was two days ago.

    He called me today to say that his usage was at nearly 400 mb. I asked him what the heck he had been doing, like watching YouTube for 48 hours straight. He said he watched a few videos, but nothing else.

    I find it hard to believe that he could have burned through that much data in such a short time by watching "a few videos." Are there any other hidden data suckers on an iPhone? Does Location Services use data? I watch a few videos from time to time, but my data usage usually runs about 400 mb for the entire month!
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    I imagine your friend went hog wild with the video watching, but is too embarrassed to admit it. Be glad he hasn't discovered streaming radio.
    Location services uses data. He should turn it off when he's not using it. If your friend wants to stay under 200MB, he needs to use his iPhone as a supplementary data source; primary data usage requires 2GB or unlimited. He needs to sty away from push e-mail.
    If he can, tell him to use wifi.

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