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    Oct 12, 2011
    I've not been paying adequate attention to this problem, but when I enter appointments into my phone it's not syncing with my Exchange server for some time, and sometimes not at all. I have several questions, given the circumstance that the ONLY calendar I am syncing with is the Exchange calendar and I do not share it with anyone.

    1. On the iphone there are three calendar options for a default, each defined by a different color. Why? Specifically, when I go to look at Calendars in the calendar app, I see All Exchange, and three different color calendars underneath. When "All Exchange" is checked, all the others are as well.
    On my PC Exchange calendar, there is only one calender.
    2. I have tried making several different colors as the default calendar in Settings; this doesn't seem to help.
    3. If I enter an appointment on my computer, it immediately syncs to my phone and the color dot next to it is blue. Not sure why.
    4. If I enter an appointment into my phone, it doesn't appear on my computer calendar for some time, if at all. Is the sync push in one direction (from the iphone) and fetch in the other (from the iphone)?

    Appreciate any insight into this; I suppose as long as things sync, I should let well enough alone, but it is confusing....

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