"Exchange for the rest of us*"

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    * Terms of service strictly limit use of this service to completely trivial personal information that you can completely lose forever at our whim. No, we didn't mean that we provide the benefits of "Exchange" for the rest of us, we meant "all the bugs, disadvantages, etc." of Exchange for the rest of us. We know that most of you are so deeply embedded in the Apple cult that any old POS we trot out will meet with rave reviews and that you will happily stand in line for the privilege of paying $100 a year for us to totally screw up your (completely trivial personal ) data. Hey, it's a status thing... like paying for $3K worth of surgery on your pet - you then have a $3K dog, cat, ferret or whatever -- Mobile Me is the same kind of deal. -Steve

    PS: Yes, as a matter of fact, I am God.
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    In a Hell predominately of my own making
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