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Discussion in 'iOS 7' started by Dented, Sep 27, 2013.

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    Oct 16, 2009
    For a few years now I've been using my iPhone(s) with my work Exchange account, mostly so I can have my work calendar on the go. It's always worked ok, with one proviso. Every night the work server(s) undergo some maintenance, during which (for an hour or two) the user accounts are taken offline. What this means is it that, even though the iPhone can connect to the Exchange server just fine, the Exchange server won't accept my (correct) username and password.

    Previously when this happened, if you were using the phone it might throw up a password prompt for the exchange account - of course it wouldn't accept the correct password so the only thing to do was cancel it. The syncing would stop of course and it didn't always restart reliably (sometimes it would be a day or two later that I'd notice it wasn't in sync and force it to refresh, sometimes I'd notice it working fine the next morning).

    Unfortunately with IOS 7 something has changed. As soon as that password prompt appears when the server goes down, the only possible action (the cancel it) wipes all the existing data and leaves you with an empty calendar. It's obviously deciding that because you can't immediately authenticate the account (because the server is down) you're not to be trusted with any data. Which sort of makes sense but at the same time is a massive PITA.

    Of course this means most mornings my work calendar has disappeared, I don't get any alerts, I don't get any work reminders via my task list, etc.

    Does anyone have any insight on whether this new behaviour is intentional, or something they're likely to fix? I wish in lieu of that there was some way to schedule the Exchange connection so it simply stopped polling overnight and never ran into this problem, but there doesn't even seem to be a way of stopping it manually other than going into the account and switching everything off every night (and then of course remembering to switch it back on in the morning).

    I tried setting the account from "Push" to "Manual" in the hope that it might avoid trying to make the connection without me, but nope - whilst doing something else entirely (not involving the calendar etc) I still received a couple of calendar invites the moment they were sent, clearly being pushed to me regardless which seems to be a bug in itself...

    I've also tried deleting the account and resetting etc... no joy :(
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    i came across something similar to this before..on exchange 2010 i believe it was we had to change an access right on the exchange server itself for each user, it only lasts about 10 mins then it resets itself, but once the phone synced with the server it was fine.

    you can also run the exchange online tester to see if shows any errors(this is what i used to lead me to the resolution i stated)

    Good Luck
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    Wow. Our mailboxes available so I haven't heard of this. We just implemented Mobile Iron so I don't know if I disable ActiveSync on my mailbox that will be a valid test. From what you described I assume the same thing would happen if you had no connectivity. If so, yikes!

    I fought it for years but now I want profiles.

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