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Discussion in 'Buying Tips and Advice' started by flyersgl, Sep 1, 2010.

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    Apr 3, 2009
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    I bought an 8gb iPod Touch as part of the back to school promotion in late July. It was for my daughter, who had to earn it with some improved behavior. She finally earned it today, which of course corresponded with the announcements of the new models. I am fairly sure her friends will all get the new model come Chrsitmas time, so I thought I would try exchanging the 8gb for a 32gb current ("old") version at the Apple store today. My thought being, I would let her use it and if I felt like I wanted to get her the new one at Christmas, either I or my husband could replace one of our aging iPods (we currently each have about 20gb of stuff on ours). I was out of the 14 day window, but it was unopened, and I was hoping they'd be ok taking the $100 extra from me and giving me an old 32gb. Upon my arrival, I spoke to several store folks who all thought I could do an exchange for a NEW model. I kept saying no, I got the rebate and know that the program is about clearing out old stock and I'd be fine with spending the $100 and getting a 32gb, but they kept saying they thought I could do better. Like I said, I talked to several folks, and the final thing I said to the guy who went to talk to manger was someone like " obviously, my first choice would be to get a new 8gb, but I would be very happy getting the 32gb current.". The guy came back and said they would not do any exchange at all and I should try to sell on ebay or craigslist.

    It was only after I left that I started to wonder if the guy who talked to the manager had my original request right--$100 + unopened 8gb for the 32gb. Do you think I should call the store to ask to speak to the manager directly? I am a total rule follower and know that I am out of the return period, so I am willing to accept a no, but it didn't seem like that extreme a request. Thoughts?

    I do get that it still might be the smartest financial decision to sell the iPod on craigslist--even if I got $125 for it, I would spend another $100 and get the new iPod touch now, but it's hard to tell a kid who has worked hard for 6 weeks to earn something that they have to wait another week or two (I fear shipping times will slip).
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    I would say yes, try the manager directly or try another store. Someone will definitely help you out.

    I do understand you would be happy with a 3 Gen 32GB but if I could choose, as a gift receiver, I would rather wait 1 more week to get the 4 Gen. In the mean time put yours on ebay or craigslist.

    Maybe you can make it extra special and say that you'll go together to be the first in line to get the new one at the store next Wednesday to compensate for the extra waiting.

    That's what I'd do if I were you. Hope this helps.
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    daaaaang six weeks of work for an iPod wow my allowance was $5± adjusted for inflation weekly.

    anyway, your rebate being already processed, being beyond the rebate period...well...the deed is done :/ .

    I'd try to sell it on craigslist. 125 should move it pretty quickly, especially with the price hike on the new 8GB.

    As far as shipping times go, eh, it's not like it's an iPad (that's just released) or an iPhone. You should be able to get one on launch day.
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    South Jersey, USA
    Thanks, I did list it on Craigslist and I think I have a buyer. My daughter fell in line pretty quickly with the plan. And, BTW, she didn't earn it in dollars, but by modifying some behaviors. In the end, though, this is really going to cost me, as I think the video feature screams for a 32 gb.

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