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    Jul 2, 2007
    I had an ip4 around 1 week after launch and it had zero issues. Yes I'm sure in low signal areas the way I held it would effect reception but for the most part the phone was flawless. Then I upgraded the firmware and I started to notice that while there were less bars, my performance decreased as well. Like places I could surf from were no longer as available or if they were it would take forever to load. So as I neared the 30 mark I decided to get a fresh phone and ask for a exchange. I went to apple store in woodfield (Schaumburg il) and told the guy at genius bar that I was having issues w reception and dropped calls. They promptly exchanged it. This was yesterday at 1pm. I know how this is going to sound but the phone they exchanged it for felt different. The glass seemed very much more prone to smudges and prints on both sides while the stainless had a rougher feel. The phone also got very hot after use. My first phone never did this and I was in the same office making the same calls. I decided to make an appt at the Michigan ave store (closer to my apt) for another exchange. This was last night and I asked for a phone from a new box. The mgr told me he didn't have any but assured me the one I would get would def be new. The build week on this one is 29. What a difference. The glass is less prone to smudges and prints and I did not upgrade to the new firmware and I'm very happy and typing this from my bedroom which did not get Internet after the upgrade. I just wanted to share. By the way, on the first ip4 I did the upgrade as new and not from a backup when I first noticed the performance downgrade. I can also say this one and the first had different feel than the 1st exchange.

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    Refurb exchange unit perhaps?

    I mean Apple must be at capacity with exchanges so there's go to be a lot of refub out there.

    Feels like most any other retailer. Someone returns something, some jerk with no experience turns it on, see's it starts, and assumes its good. Back on the shelf (or into the exchange pool) it goes.

    I will not exchange my phone until well into the fall.
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    Glad you got what you wanted. I went through two exchanged, the first one they gave me was definitely not new. It was week 27 and there was a hairline scratch in a circle in the middle of the screen, I noticed this when I was applying my wrapsol ultra. Suppose to be brand new, look like this was not always the case.

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