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    Sep 29, 2007
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    Okay, I am having the same issue as a lot of other people with the dust. Mine actually has some sort of flake like thin that is 4-5 pixels wide in the top right of my screen, and 2 other specks in the center. It annoys me and I understand it isn't a HUGE deal, but things like that bug me because I KNOW that it will get worse and I will continue to exchange my phone until I get a phone that actually will keep the dust out.

    Just one quick question: When exchanging the phone at the Apple Store, is the phone that you receive in return a refurbished phone? Or is it brand new? I mean, I would prefer to have a brand new one, otherwise I won't exchange it. Well, maybe not. But I would really appreciate it if someone could give me a definitive answer. I was going to call but it was out of hours and I have school tomorrow.


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    I had the uneven screen with dust and what not in the crevices and went to the Apple Store with my receipt, box and accessories and got a brand new 3G iPhone right out of the box. No refurb for me...:p
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    if you gave it back earlier you'd probably get a new one, by now its 75% you'll get a refurb

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