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Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by rosaconrad, Jan 3, 2012.

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    Jan 3, 2012
    Hello!!! I did a migration of files and applications from my old macbookpro to a new one. My old user became an administrator account and some start up items work weird but I cant find them anywhere, not even by writing the exact name the computer gives me... Since im using the applications i used to have on my other computer im not sure if i can delete the old user without loosing them...

    I tryed starting the computer with the capslock held, and deleting the startupitems in the users preferences (but there are no start up items!!)(i had already deleted some StartUpItems from the old user but they still pop up like unsafe start up items)

    I removed the administrator privileges from the old user that is now on my new computer (so it became standard).

    I cant find any solutions on mac help... so ive tryed no more...
    any help?
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    Can you try to explain a little better what you mean by this? What do you mean that startup items work weird?
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    Jan 3, 2012
    Hey! sorry about my post... im new at this.

    My old computer was second hand and the owner before me had lots of applications I didnt know but never erased. When I got my new mac I used the feature to migrate information connecting the 2 computers though a wire. A user account was created with the same picture I had on my desktop and exactly the same settings as my old mac (such as showing on the side bar of the finder the folder "library", which I haven't been able to locate on my new mac user).

    Every time I turn my computer on i get a message telling me that the start up item called "IOXpertsDeviceMonitors" has been stoped due to security reasons (it does it again if I change user). I dont know this application and I have searched it through the finder but it shows nothing by this name. I can only get to it through the old user account which has a "start up items" folder on the "library" folder, both of which i cant find on the new user, (in which you can only access start up items through systempreferences, users, start up... all this i have in spanish on my computer so its not an exact translation, I attached a picture of the error, in spanish)

    I´ve tryed to delete the item but it doesnt allow me cause i have no privileges, i have changed the privileges to read and write and it has always been unblocked... but still nothing

    I´ve thought of deleting the old user with all its settings and info but I´m afraid I may loose my applications... and I havent found the way to delete it either...

    Im also thinking this old user´s settings may be interfering in some way, it has settings i can no longer find between the options of the new mac, such as the double clicking and holding to move items, which has been replaced by the 3 fingers... and its going very slow being a new, late 2011, mac book pro.

    One weird thing is that when I delete stuff on the old user´s account it doesn´t go to the bin, it disappears instantly and the bin is always empty...

    Thats all I can think of that may be relevant, I hope it helps and Im sorry for the extension of the post.

    Thank you all for any help, I very much appreciate it.

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