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Jan 1, 2010
I was originally going to hold out and wait till around May to get the new iPad as a graduation present to myself for getting by B.S. in Political Science, but now I found that I can't contain my excitement and I want it now. Anybody else feeling the same way? I might have to go to a store on Friday and wait in line.

The only problem is that do I want a 16gb or 32gb wifi model? I don't need an LTE one since my phone can hotspot already.

I have an iPad 1 that is 16gb and it is enough for me for now but with the cameras and the retina it might fill up faster. What would you choose?


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Jul 1, 2010
I would definitely get at least the 32GB...I don't have many songs and zero videos on my 16GB iPad 1 and it is almost full with just apps and photos. I am pretty sure the new retina display will make the apps larger, so if you plan on keeping very many apps on your iPad, I would suggest getting something larger than 16GB.


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Mar 22, 2011
Hey! - Apple updated their own apps (GarageBand, Find My Friends etc) recently. The increase in size on the apps is a little steep!

If you can afford it, I'd say at least going with a 32Gb :):)

And it's not just apps, if you're importing HD Movies too, it's all going to add up.
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