Exclamation Marks?

Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by conyeezy454, Oct 23, 2013.

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    Oct 23, 2013
    I have had an iPod for many years now and never had this problem up until now. I used to and still did up till this day add songs to my iPod from iTunes then delete them off my computer after having them uploaded. I have the setting checked "Manually Manage Songs and Video" which would allow me to add songs then delete them after uploading them. I have been doing that for years until tooday morning I guess? I haven't recently updated my ipod and songs last time I updated was I think end of last month and worked fine. I updated to 7.0.3. early today morning and tried uploading some more songs I had on my computer and it would not work. It just kept saying Updating Files on my ipod but never would sync them. I looked to check "on this ipod" to see if they had synced but it showed them greyed out with a circle showing it was still in the process. I also then noticed I had songs that had an exclamation mark and I did some research after that and people say it's cause the song can't be found. But I have been doing this for years..why did this happen now? Also is there a way to get iTunes to stop trying to search or locate songs..do you think that'd help my situation?
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    Exclamation Marks?

    Occasionally I'd get the same thing as you but w/o the exclamation mark, only that it won't sync/transfer (I also manage my music/videos manually like you do). What I did was to go to "On this iPod" tab and then right-click on the "affected" songs/file and choose to.... Okay, I honestly forgot what are the available options as I rarely receive this problem, it's either "update file," "syncs file" or something *similar* or "Uncheck File" then "check file" my iPod/iTunes would then re-attempt to transfer the said file again.

    I'm running 6.1.3 though, iOS 7 is just trouble and choke full of annoyances and bugs IMHO.

    EDIT: Another thing, I would delete the files off iTunes (but don't delete it off into the recycle bin, then try to re-add the songs and see if the ! mark would go away, otherwise drastic measures would be, close your iTunes then hold down Shift key and double-click to open iTunes, this will reset all preferences and restart iTunes making it brand new you have to re-add all the songs, etc all over again, they will prompt you if you'd like to proceed first, though.

    Hopefully someone else can help. I'm not sure if I was being helpful but I hate it when people asks for help and they get ignored, it hurts.

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