Exclusive Insta360 ONE X Camera Bundle Now Available From Apple

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    Insta360's recently released Insta360 ONE X is available as a bundle from the Apple online store as of today.

    Launched in October, the Insta360 ONE X is a 360 degree camera that's a followup to the original Insta360 ONE, which has also been available from the Apple online store and is the only 360 degree camera that Apple offers.


    Compared to the Insta360 ONE, the Insta360 ONE X features a revamped body and an upgraded 5.7K camera able to capture higher-quality photos and videos with improved image stabilization.

    The Apple-exclusive Insta360 ONE X bundle includes the camera itself, a multi-function Bullet Time Handle that allows for unique video tricks and serves as a tripod, a Selfie Stick that gets edited out in post-processing, two batteries, and a protective carrying pouch.

    Along with expanding to Apple Stores, the Insta360 ONE X is also receiving a software update that adds an HDR video mode and integrated support for uploading content to Google Maps Street View.

    The new HDR mode is designed to provide video that looks natural and vibrant, with accurate highlights and low lights in every direction.

    The Insta360 ONE X Camera Bundle can be purchased from Apple.com for $449.95.

    Article Link: Exclusive Insta360 ONE X Camera Bundle Now Available From Apple
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    360 degree camera ≠ fisheye camera. This is a fisheye camera which takes wide angle photos and videos. A 360 degree camera can record photos and video in all directions around it.

    This is what a 360 degree camera looks like, although sometimes they use a complex mirror system with one camera and special software puts it back together into 360 degree video.

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    The camera's footage looks amazing and the price is more attractive than GoPro. I would love to see real world examples and reviews.
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    Does anyone else find these "One" names starting to get tiresome?

    Palm One
    Capital One
    Beats 1
    Xbox One
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    Mar 26, 2011
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    The price is correct, the link is - incorrectly set to the One bundle and not the cited and new ONE X bundle... Reported to MR.
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    Me: Walks in to the Apple store.

    Apple Store employee: "Welcome to Apple Store. Can I help you find something today?"

    Me: "Yes, I would like to buy Insta360 ONE X camera."

    Apple Store employee: Insta 361 10 camera?

    Me: "No, Insta - three hundred sixty space one space ten space camera."

    P.S. I am guessing X is pronounced Ex, not ten?

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