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Oct 29, 2007
Hey guys, i want to know if when a download a program in for exemple, downloads.com, i can just click for download and when the download its completed i click in it and the mac does all.. like windows.
im scared because the plataform of the mac its the same as linux and i dont wanna do a lot of commands just to install a program, so who have a mac can tell me, i have to click and install like windows or have to do command like linux?


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Most mac apps come in install packages, in the form of dmg. They are basically disk images, so it would be like inserting a cd into your cd rom. I have yet to have to use any unix to get a program to install on my mac (except for the CS3 clean patch, for which I have to thank the programmers at Adobe :rolleyes:)


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Jan 9, 2007
Houston, TX
Even though Mac OSX is a UNIX based system, it is a GUI version of UNIX.

Therefore, the short answer to your question is:

Installation of a software package is more or less same- just clicking and following the onscreen instruction (if any). If it is a disk image (dmg) then you just need to mount it.

No need to enter any commands.

I suggest that you search the forums and read up on how to install programs in Mac. They are very simple- and all based on graphical user interface.
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