Execute It, The simplest, yet the most advanced GTD App for the iPad

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    Execute It is the simplest yet the most advance GTD (Geting Things Done) app for the iPad, Execute It helps you organize your tasks and lets you just focus to "Execute It".

    Execute It is available in 2 Versions:

    - Execute It Lite (Ad supported version).
    - Execute It Classic (Ad free version for $1.99).

    Execute It Features:

    - Stylish User friendly interface.
    - Easy to use.
    - Add Notes & Tasks.
    - Add Audio & Image attachments to your Notes/Actions.
    - Add due dates for your actions.
    - Auto repeat tasks (with the ability to choose an end date for the repetition).
    - Tag your tasks (predefined tags with the ability to add your custom tags).
    - Task importance (3 levels available).
    - Arrange tasks by due date (earlier due dates show first).
    - Actions can be browsed by tags, due dates.
    - Ability to check this week's forecast.

    Check it on the AppStore and write your review so I can improve it more :)

    Execute It Lite - Free (Ad support)

    Execute It Classic - $4.99
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    Feb 16, 2012
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    The feature list sounds good, but I must chime in on the cluttered interface.
  4. Bassio thread starter macrumors newbie

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    Thanks a lot for your feedback guys, I think I will have to work more on the GUI.

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