ExifRemover - an iPhone app to remove hidden privacy data from your photos

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    Do you take pictures with your iPhone?
    Do you ever upload them on the internet (social networking, tweeting, forums, email) or text them?
    Well did you know there is hidden data in those pics that anyone could use to track your location.
    Scary isn’t it?!
    The hidden data is referred to as EXIF and contains information like the camera make and model, the datetime the picture was taken, and yes: GPS coordinates…
    Sharing the private or personal information with your photos can be embarrassing or harmful
    The ExifRemover app provide a simple and safe way to remove all of these hidden privacy data from your photos without changing the originals so that you can safely upload or share your photos to others


    * one tap to remove Exif data from multipule photos
    * auto detecting Exif date from your photos and mark it with icons
    * save the clean copies to your Camera Roll/Saved Photos folder

    Get the App: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/exifremover/id438392458?mt=8&ls=1


    more about privacy risks please visit: http://tinyurl.com/smartphonerisks from NBC action news

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