Expanding a Mac partition across extra space on a disk?

Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by tuna, Feb 19, 2014.

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    I used to use my 2TB external for two purposes: Time Machine and extra media storage. I configured it with a ~500GB partition for Time Machine and ~1.5TB for general storage space.

    Now I have a separate hard drive to use for Time Machine and I want to expand the 1.5TB media partition to the full 2TB of the disk. How can I achieve this? I already deleted the Time Machine partition which appears as "Free Space" now. My media partition has the tab at the bottom right to expand or contract it, but since the drive space freed up from formerly containing my Time Machine backup is "above" the media partition, I can't expand it.

    How can I expand my 1.5TB media partition to take up the full 2TB? I can use reputable 3rd party utilities if this is something that cannot be achieved with Disk Utility or though Terminal commands.

    Here is my drive. I only have the partition name blacked out because it is my name:

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    Wow 500 views and not a single answer to this seemingly-rudimentary issue? Bump...
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    You can grow or shrink a partition in Disk Utility, but you cannot change the starting point of the partition. Since you created the 500 GB partition first, that space cannot be "grown into" by the remaining partition (using Disk Utility). This is due to the way an HFS filesystem is laid out with respect to a partition's starting and ending LBAs.

    You might be able to shift the partition to the start of the disk using something like DriveGenius. Otherwise, you must erase and re-partition the disk.

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