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Discussion in 'Mac Accessories' started by southerndoc, Jan 17, 2013.

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    I currently have a Time Capsule as my primary router located in an upstairs office. I have an AirPort Extreme on the main floor and another in the basement designed to extend a wireless network.

    I would like to run ethernet cables from my office to the main floor router and another to the basement (sole purpose of the basement router is to connect an ADT controller to the internet; would run the ethernet directly to the office and eliminate the basement router).

    My Time Capsule doesn't have any available ethernet ports as I have a network drive, AT&T 3G MicroCell, and iMac computer plugged into it.

    How can I expand my network? Is it as simple as adding another router to the Time Capsule? I think I would have to disable the DHCP of the secondary router if I did that, but I'm unsure of this as I have little experience with networking. Can I simply add the unused AirPort Extreme from the basement to the Time Capsule (via ethernet cables) to act as a secondary router, or do I need special hardware for this?

    Too bad the Time Capsule doesn't come with more ports, but I realize the majority of people do not need as many ports.
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    Have you considered adding a switch into the network mix? That would give you more ports to plug into and stay on the same IP configuration.
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    I suggest the following :

    1. Use one of your 3 routers as the main router in the basement. TC is a router as are the two Extremes.
    2. Connect the other two via ethernet to the one in the basement and configure these to setup a roaming network. In this mode they are in bridge mode and all items ( wired and wireless ) will get DHCP etc from the one in the basement.
    3. Where you don't have enough ports, then get some simple switches and connect those to the routers as needed.

    I have a similar config - I have two Express units and one Extreme. All three have an 8 port switch attached with stuff linked to all switches. In total I have 5 switches linking stuff on 4 floors with 30 or so items linked in total.

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