Expanding/(exploding?) 2011 MacBook Pro battery

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    Hi there,
    Wondering if anyone could give me some insight and apologies for if this has been posted in the wrong place;
    I have an early 2011 MacBook Pro, recently I have found the bottom casing to be bulging slightly. I decided to take the casing off to see what was causing the tension, and the battery was bulging ever so slightly upwards. Over the next five minutes, the battery grew, while also producing cracking, and snapping noises presumably from the plastic surrounding the battery.
    Is this a common fault with this era of MacBook?
    I've googled the problem but don't seem to find anything.
    Any suggestions as to what to do now and whether I should contact apple with this issue would be greatly appreciated.
    Thanks again

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    I would give Apple a ring and they may get you a new battery. Always worth a shot!
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    That battery is toast and needs to be replaced. It's actually a common problem with laptop batteries in general, and if you have AppleCare, you might just slip in before your warranty expires; I wouldn't waste a day!

    If you did miss that warranty deadline, there are some fixes available, without replacing the battery:

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