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Discussion in 'Mac mini' started by davefmurray, Jul 31, 2013.

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    I will be livestreaming a Tecmo Super Bowl tournament in the coming months and I'd like to expand our setup. Last year we had 220 participants and 300 people at the event. The stream brought in an additional 3,000 viewers.

    We currently run 1 webcam for a player perspective and cap the NES using a USB capture device while utilizing WireCast to manage the stream.

    This year I'd like to also export our stream to a projector and run the audio out into the venue's supplied sound system to also supply a viewer experience for those in attendance. In addition, I'd like to run a second webcam to also capture the audience.

    Available gear:
    * Mac Mini 2011 - Quadcore | 16GB RAM
    * 16" Hannah monitors (easy for travel!) x2
    * Logitech C920
    * Lifecam HD
    * 4 channel mixer
    * Shure SM57 x3
    * USB capture card
    * Roxio HD Gaming capture[3] <- Not used currently. Could it be useful? * Projector with HDMI input
    * Various mic booms
    * Projector screen & stand

    This year's WireCaststream will be running two cams, have live tweeting embedded and player and/or results being pushed in.

    What are the hangups?
    The computer. I think I will need to get some sort of thunderbolt expansion peripheral to give me an additional display input, but this is where I am stuck. How can I export via HDMI to the projector?

    Let's talk shop!
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