Expanding wireless internet from church to parsonage

Discussion in 'Buying Tips and Advice' started by jrouse5, Dec 17, 2011.

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    Jul 26, 2011
    This might be on the wrong forum, if it is, I am sorry in advance. I was just looking for advice. At my church we have internet for the A/V room. The router and modem is inside the church. The internet is mainly for the church. How can i get internet to the parsonage which is next door? The church is made of block walls, and there is about 2 block walls and a wood wall between the church and the parsonage. Then when you get in the parsonage it is brick and about 1 wood wall between where we are trying to get wireless to. Is there anyway to either get another modem or something to hook up to the phone line inside the parsonage to get internet from? By the way the church and parsonage has the same phone number and a line going to each. We have a small repeater or something in the church close to the outer wall, but it is very weak and slow in the parsonage? I am just looking for a way to get better signal to the house. Is there anything i could do or buy to help this?
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    Funny that you ask this, lol... as we completed our building project last year, I was in the same dilemma. Sorry to say it, but is running a cable an option? Here's how I have ours set up (with much the same building construction and distances as yours):

    1) DSL Modem out to
    2) 16-port gigabit Netgear swtich; from there to
    3) Three Airport Express routers. One is central in our wiring closet, the second in the "old" church building - it gets signal from the first and extends the network. The third is in the parsonage.

    Originally I had the one in the parsonage repeating the signal as well. However, this was VERY flaky. Turns out the signal getting to there would barely register one bar on my MBP. Decided instead to run an underground ethernet cable in conduit between the two buildings and connected the Airport with that. No problems since.

    You're probably too far and too many difficult walls in order to run wireless to UNLESS - could you possibly add another wireless router as close as possible to the parsonage, then move the one in the parsonage as close as possible to the church building? You MIGHT be able to get better signal like that.

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