Experience of Lenovo's Support?


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Jan 11, 2018
My X280 screen backlight is flickering sometimes... I bought it second hand but know it was bought new in September 2018. It's got over two years warranty left (Lenovo gives a good standard 3 year warranty versus Apple thankfully). I'm unsure if they'll allow me to claim on this as the second owner. But does anybody on here have any experience of sending their Lenovo machines off for repair work ?

- Are they easy to reach?
- Do they generally do the repair hassle free like Apple, or bicker and pass the buck
- Must I send it off, or will they send me a part to fit myself?
- Will finding a part and fitting it myself void the warranty, since these machines are made to be serviceable?
- Does it take long?
- is the quality of repair good? Apple disappointed me with my old MBP handing it back with fingerprints, facial hairs and still a bottom case popped out. That really turned me off the brand and that's why I'm here...


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Jun 20, 2006
Warranty is tied to the serial number not the owner. If you don't have the on-site coverage you will have to ship it in. They are generally quick, relatively speaking, for mail in repair.


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Jul 23, 2007
My experience is that for Yoga, I could reach them easily from chat via Vintage. For the Thinkpad line such as X1E, one has to contact them by phone as there is no chat option. That is my experience. Perhaps Thinkpad users could chimp in?