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Discussion in 'iPhone Accessories' started by CP3Jordans, Oct 2, 2014.

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    Oct 2, 2014
    I ordered a skin for my iPhone 6 Plus from St1ck3r Boy on 9/21. I haven't received it yet, and I contacted them letting them know I never received the skin. The tracking on the package shows delivered, but I never received it.

    I contacted them letting them know what happened, and they essentially told me I am out of luck. They said that they cannot refund or cancel orders that show delivered.


    I think insurance is the point of covering lost or mis-delivered packages in these situations.

    Any advice? I will never shop with them again.


    After making this post, I received an email back from them backtracking and saying that while they cannot refund an order, they can send out another skin. It was still a completely unprofessional email blaming me, and saying I was being one-sided, but I will see how this turns out. They also threatened that credit card chargebacks are always in favor of the seller if the tracking shows delivered, to try to stop me from filing a chargeback. I will update this post with the progress.

    With certainty, the first email offered no refund, and no replacement skin.
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    Well, to be fair, this isn't their fault, it's the delivery carriers. Did you contact USPS/UPS/FedEx? Who delivered it and what did they say?
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    I am not saying it is their fault at all, for the misdelivered or lost package.

    But it is the seller's responsibility to insure packages, and to make sure it gets to buyers.

    My particular problem was with their first email which offered no solution. They didn't bother to inquire into the problem or offer to send out a replacement. They didn't offer any reasonable solution until I told them I would be filing a chargeback and posting my experience. It was only then that I got the offer for the replacement, and a threat that they would win the chargeback since they have the tracking info.

    I have the emails. I won't be posting them since they seem to be taking care of it now.

    I'll update the thread appropriately if they actually follow through.

    Either way, I found the particular representative that emailed me to be less than professional. It's just funny that she thought her first email offered some sort of solution. It was very short, and the message was very clear.

    Lost packages happen. I was waiting on a delivery from Spigen yesterday, and when UPS came and delivered another package (but no spigen), I checked the tracking info. It said "Package undeliverable due to damage." Of course the fault lies with UPS, but if Spigen left me out to dry, I would find fault in them.
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    Sticker boy sucks! Had a terrible experience with them and mis-cut Macbookpro protectors. I provided close up pictures as clear proof. They dragged out the replacement, promising and promising then claiming it was too late for a refund or exchange.
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    if it shows delivered then what do you want them to do???

    Maybe you messed up your address?

    carrier issue?

    99% of the time it is the buyers fault do to numerous reasons...


    More info needed...

    What carrier?

    Do you live in Apt complex? Bad area?
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    I agree with this, also why come here pissing and moaning about a company who clearly made it right by offering a replacement.

    My friend does all kinds of stickers from phone stickers to motorcycle stickers to truck and trailer wraps.

    Funny how he gets calls like this as well.
    Usually after a week or so the person SCREWD up the install or ripped the sticker then calls him whining that it was never delivered also... HMMM sounds way to familiar to me..

    Be glad your replacement is on the way use the correct address and get over it.. there is always 3 sides to each story...

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