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    this is for those that are familiar with and have used lots of software*

    this is like a guessing game,

    im going to describe the basic design for a software that likely does not exist

    * why? because all innovative things take a very long time to exist, and the fundamental why is because those that do unique things and innovative things are very rare in this lifetime, including all prior lifetimes

    this software is meant for something the size of an ipad, and not an iphone cos the screen size is far too small and limiting (im pretty sure ill never get a phone ever again within my lifetime because of how little value it adds to my life)


    here's the basic design:

    1. you have a completely white background
    2. at center is either a) text/info, b) image/pic, c) video, or d) any other kind of info
    3. if it was non-text, it would take up the fullscreen, but im thinking a) text/info

    4. we can call what we see 'text #1'
    5. when this software auto-opens on your ipad, it always always opens at 'text #1'
    6. you're able to set exactly what you see when the software opens

    7. when you swipe to the right, you see 'text #2'
    8. when you swipe right again, you see '2 columns' of 'text #3' and 'text #4'

    9. on any of these 'notes/pages/screens', you can swipe down
    10. swiping down brings up a menu that takes up 1/4 - 1/2 of the bottom of the screen
    11. this 'menu' has 'note #1 to note #20' (this can be text or any other media forms of info like videos)

    12. on any of the screens, when you swipe up, it'd always always bring the same exact content
    13. we could call it 'same_content_upon_swipping_up'
    14. this can be any kind of content/info (and we already know what are all the kinds/types of content from using lots of sites & software)

    15. swiping diagonally can do other things, or bring up other things (haven't decided yet)

    16. voice commands like 'apple pie recipe' would be the best UX/UI/HCI method to go about most or all of the interactions
    17. because voice commands is versatile (has a wider range of options)
    18. swiping is highly limited to a limited number of directions
    19. so a voice command like,
    20. 'next' = swipe right would work well

    21. AR is going to take a long time, but this design would also work perfectly on AR

    so that's pretty basic, which softwares -- from the many you're familiar with and have used -- would come closest to this kind/type of design?



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