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Jun 9, 2008
Anyone else make this upgrade? As sad as I am that there is no iPhone 15 Mini, I feel like it's time for me to upgrade my phone. The battery on my 12 Mini is terrible (especially with 5G enabled), and I am pretty excited about getting rid of the lightning cable altogether for USB-C. I checked the iPhone 15 out at the Apple Store, and it was bigger (obviously), but didn't seem like there was an obnoxious increase in size/weight (vs. iPhone 15 Pro, which felt like a brick).

For people that have made this switch, are you happy with the iPhone 15 so far? I would assume that the improvements in battery life and screen size (I have large hands) are a nice upgrade.

I will definitely miss being able to pop the 12 Mini in my shirt pocket, though.


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Jun 16, 2017
Pasadena, CA
I actually went all the way to a 15 plus for the extra 3 hours of battery life (14!), and am trying to decide whether to keep it. I just got tired of being out of batteries and semi-stranded on work trips.

The only thing I can say right now that I definitely don't -not- like it. It's a major adjustment. My thinking was that if either phone was going to be too big for proper one handed use I may as well get the extra battery life. And the plus would get me double the mini -after- I sprang for a battery replacement (at 30g less than the mini + a magsafe battery pack).

It's hard to know how much increased functionality "in hand" I'd have with the 15 over the 15 plus without having them both at the same time, which isn't an option. I am using many of the same tricks (certain kinds of one-hand repositioning for certain tasks) I had to develop even on the 12 mini; the experience there was kind of like training wheels for this behemoth. The extra pocket size is not bothering me as much as I feared -- I have man pants (being a man) and I had already adjusted my habits in terms of usually removing the phone from my pocket when seated because the mini was so long. I probably have average or slightly above average hands (I'm a decent pianist) for a man but smaller than average frame.

Not sure if any of that helps.
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Mar 8, 2020
Mini user here!
SE1 2016 - SE2 2020 - 12 mini - 13 regular - 13 mini - 11 - 14 PM.

After all this big journey above, especially the revealing one (regular 13 to 13 mini), I understood 1 thing. This should be helpful to you since regular 13 is equal in weight/dimensions to regular 15.

So I adored my 12 mini. Upon great deal upgraded to regular 13 - spent 6 month and just could not defeat the idea that this is too big and makes my hands feel tired.

Luckily jumped on 13 mini - almost instantly felt the enjoyment of use.

So yes, even the regular size is nothing that can replace the mini for true mini lovers.

Since then I always get reminded why i dislike my current phones (11, 13, 14PM) - they all feel like a brick. But I am just using these since there is no good financial out nor replacement(no 15 mini) - I got 14PM from wife and can't fetch enough value for it to trade for 13 mini. I quite enjoy the cameras(moments it takes), battery life that saves the day since I work on the go(hotspot) but can not get rid of the idea that they are too big and heavy. People said you can get used to it, but this is not something easy to accomplish.
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Mar 25, 2022
It is such a shame the trend of big devices leaves out the market for smaller phones with so little choices not only Apple wise but also Android. There's still plenty of folk wanting small devices!
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