Experiencing a recurrence as of late

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by CubaTBird, Mar 24, 2008.

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    Hey guys, so Ive been experiencing a recurrence as of late, and its in regards to the ladies. I need some of the more "experienced" forum posters to help me out with this, heh.

    Anyway, so when im at school and see a girl i find attractive whether it be in the commons area or library even, I have no problem walking up to her and starting a conversation. In fact I think im great at it, and they always reciprocate with no problems. I usually open with a pretty clever ice breaker which gets the ball rolling from there. After about a half hour of conversation or so, I break away and ask them for their number. And they give me their number and say nice meeting you. Fine, I wait a couple days to call and then i call and EVERYTIME they tell me they already have a boyfriend and can't hang out.

    THEN WHY DID THEY GIVE ME THEIR NUMBER?!?!! i don't comprehend, i would think they would let me know ahead of time.

    Am i doing something wrong here, b/c this has happened like a bunch of times already in a row. Do i just keep smackin' until i find the one that says she isnt' busy (run around bs) or has a bf? Should i be like "hey, before i talk to ya, lemme know.. are ya single? otherwise ... pfft" lol
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    They didn't let you know their "status" ahead of time because most of them are lying. They're not dating anyone. :eek:

    Forget what you look like. Just dress well. Style and attitude can make a person look a lot better than they are. You have the attitude already. Just don't act creepy when you do this. It seems a bit much. Maybe you're not walking up to strangers and talking as well as you think you are. Maybe you give a bad impression and don't know it.
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    Just as an experiment, have you tried asking them out in person instead of on the phone? Most optimistically, it sounds like you've got something that's working for you in person if it's getting you a phone number. Maybe it's something about your physical manner that isn't coming across the phone line later.

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