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    Aug 12, 2004
    well heres the deal.I can either get a top of the line powermac or a top of the line pc.

    The pc would have amd fx-55, with 1 gig of ram, and xt850 radeon video card. THe performance of this machine would be amazing.

    Then we have the powermacs which are great machines not the best hardware but its truly about the os that really matters.

    I would like to start going into video more. I like to make films but really i want to learn programs such as combustion and 3dmax. I would like to make image creation software like adobe and such. For entertainment needs i do alot of divx encoding which i play on my divx player. also i have interest in music but i dont know too much about the programs involved. I do like gaming but quality games like wc3 can easly tide me over, though i wouldn't mind crackin heads in games like cs. i would like to know which route would truly be best for my content creation and if there are even programs on par with final cut, logic, idvd and such for windows. I love macs but i am a man of function and i want to know which would be the better of the two routes. NOte i am also willing to wate till wwdc for the new powermacs.
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    Feb 7, 2002
    You just have to decide which fits you best. I used to play games a lot but I've realized playing games doesn't make you money in the real world (unless you work for EA or some other game company) and the other things you stated could make you money. Adobe programs love Macs, most independent film makers are usually on a Mac with Final Cut Express or mainly Pro. Anyone who is serious about making music is on a Mac, simple as that.

    You just have to weigh your options. No doubt that PC will kick some major ass..but kick ass at what. If your main focus is movies and music get yourself a Mac. Now remember, you by no means have to have the latest and greatest G5 to do what you want. My co-worker just wrote his whole new album using Logic, Abelton Live on a 867MHz PowerBook. No fast but it got the job done for the past three years and now is getting a nice upgrade. You can always get yourself a nice G5 iMac or possibly the lowend G5 PowerMac at $1499 and build yourself a decent PC. That way you can do everything including 3DStudioMax and play some games. Some food for though and you will get a lot of good suggestions from this site, just remember though, it is MacRumors, opinions will be Mac biased ;).


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