Expert Opinions Required...


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Jun 26, 2007

Here's my dilemma.

My brother is moving back to Canada this weekend for good (from the US). I can get him to pick up an iPhone for me.

Obviously I want to use it as a phone first, and I'm really surprised it hasn't been unlocked yet.

What would you guys do? Do you think the SIM unlock will happen soon? I'm not a rich guy so the $600 hit would be significant if it can't be unlocked.



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Apr 11, 2005
It's not worth the gamble. It will come to Canada eventually. Maybe sooner than later. You never know. I have one and while it is great I could have lived without it. I use a lot of the PDA type features now and think the interface is great and even use Maps and some internet but never use the iPod portion of it and don't really need the internet though I use it since it is there. I think for a lot of people the novelty wears off within a week or two and then it's just a really nice phone with other convenient features.