Explain iTunes Match & iCloud Music Library to me!

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    Aren't they essentially the same thing? If I have an Apple Music subscription won't my music be available to stream on other devices without paying extra for iTunes Match?
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    iTunes match
    your library of up to 100,000 songs is stored on iCloud, and can be streamed or downloaded to other devices.
    you do not get apple radio
    songs that you pirated can be turned in for iTunes store copies ( 256 bit rate )
    songs that you bought from iTunes earlier can be traded in for iTunes plus files.
    whatever music you upgraded is yours to keep forever, even if you cancel

    apple music
    see above
    you do get apple radio
    you can download all the songs you want as long as apple offers them.
    whatever music you downloaded is forfeited if you cancel

    im not sure about "trading in" on apple music.

    you can't sync your iTunes song library to any device with these things turned on

    trading in

    basically what I'm saying is that if you have a lot of mp3s , iTunes will match these with their higher quality copies.
    once the matching process is complete. you can delete all those old songs, and download their copies.

    if you have old iTunes songs that are DRM'ed ( that have the 10 device limit ) they can be deleted from your library
    and you can download DRM FREE iTunes plus files, which you can keep forever. just don't give them away, because
    they all have your email address in them

    apple music allows you to download any of apple's "select" music from the store , without having to pay for it. if you have itunes match and you want metallica or iron maiden, you're going to have to buy the cds or buy them from the store.
    if you have apple music and you want metallica or iron maiden, you can just downloaded it. but those tracks will no longer be playable if you cancel apple music

    apple music does NOT give you access to EVERY SINGLE song. its a "collection" of songs that apple chooses to put on apple music.

    once purchased music has no DRM ( iTunes plus ) a computer running iTunes no longer needs to be signed into apple at all, or even authorized to play the song.
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    does iTunes Match solve the syncing problems that Apple Music has? For instance, if I put a live record in iTunes and I have Match, will AM change it to album versions (as it likes to do) or will Match "overpower" that?
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    If u have both, Match *should" be used first as it matches from the Store, then Apple music.. At least, that's what Apple advisor told me when i phoned up.

    However, the times i have tried, match is less than prefect than if i used Match without AM. which suggests to me with both services iTunes match doesn't use the intelligent accurate scanning method anymore as it does by itself.

    I could be wrong, but that's what i've seen. Now days though, i never need to match songs,,, everything i need is already in AM anyway.

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