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Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by Doozer13, Dec 23, 2010.

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    I purchased a MacMini to run Plex as my media center and I've begun the arduous process of ripping my DVD collection (maybe 50 discs), but reconsidering my work-flow.

    I've been ripping my discs with Handbrake using the default AppleTV preset. After reading a few posts around the net, I'm reconsidering using Mac the Ripper to get everything on my computer as quickly as possible, and then going back and compressing movies through Handbrake as needed- although at the moment and for the foreseeable future, I'm only interested in watching my rips through Plex, on my TV.

    Disk space isn't a big concern for me right now, I have a 2TB drive and a relatively small DVD collection, so keeping each title as a 5-6GB VOB isn't a problem.

    In the past I've ripped my DVDs with Mac The Ripper using the "Chapter Extraction" Mode and compressing all the chapters into a single file. I like that Plex can play these files, but I'm wondering if there's anything limiting about ripping a DVD with that mode vs. "Full DVD Extraction." Basically what's the ideal mode/settings to rip with Mac The Ripper and have a something Plex will recognize?

    I'm only concerned with the main feature content on my DVDs, no need for commentary or other extra features.

    Thanks for reading any any help you can offer. Happy Holidays!
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    Follow this procedure, install the scripts and you will be done will all of your rips in less than a week, since you only have 50 DVDs. You should be able to do 6-15 a day, depending on your processor speed and ability to feed it new DVDs. :D

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    Thanks mstrze,

    I had seen the sticky, but after glancing through the numerous steps I thought it was a bit more thorough than I needed.

    So far my rips haven't required me to do anything more than switch out a disc confirm the DVD title, pick a mode, and hit "Go". After that Plex seems to do a great job of pulling in all the meta data I need. I only have a couple TV discs, so it's not cumbersome to manually take care of those.

    If I was in a hurry to compress everything with Handbrake in one step this makes a ton of sense, but that's not really a priority for me right now. I'm just looking for the most ideal way to get a perfect (or near perfect) single file copy of a DVD onto my computer that's both readable by Plex and could later be compressed with Handbrake. I plan to rip DVDs using my iMac and MacMini.

    Who knows though, I might try these steps if I get ambitious over the Xmas holiday.
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    If i were you. this is what i would do.

    Use MTR and just rip the entire DVD to your HD, then use DVD2OneX to pull out the movie only.

    Since you are using Plex you do not need HB becaue you are just going to play the raw Video TS folder.

    Using MTR and DTOX i dare to say there will not be a DVD that you can not conquer.

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