Exploding battery, now bootup freeze/crazy screen colors

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by LNYMRKO, Jun 30, 2014.

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    Mid-2010 MBP (out of warranty), noticed that the laptop wasn't sitting straight and the trackpad buttons were hard to use, so I powered it off and took the back off to notice the battery had exploded, so I removed it and figured I'd just work with it connected to the power source in the meantime. Only problem is when I boot up, I am faced with this screen and it freezes, won't let me login (happens on both the laptop screen and Apple Cinema Display, so the ACD isn't as fault).

    Anyone got any ideas on what it is likely to be? I've tried resetting PRAM etc. I have it booked it for the genius appointment on Saturday but just wondering if anyone had come across it before and how much repair costs would likely be on whatever parts may have failed (assuming it is hardware of course).

    Thanks in advance!

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    Probably graphics card is DOA... 2010 models are known to have issues and Apple did have an extended warranty program for them.
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    One question though..

    First of all, sorry to hear you got this battery problem.

    Maybe all other MBP 2010 users can prevent a similar problem in the future through your thread. You can help by providing some more details if you like.

    Can you tell us, how many cycles the battery had, when it was destroyed?
    Did you have the "Service Battery" indication? In case you have knowingly ignored the "Service Battery" note, how long did it take from first notice to destruction?

    What was your battery charging habit? (Always on the power grid, travel habits, usage, gaming habits, professional app usage..)
    Did you have heat problems, did you use iStat widget to monitor temps?

    Maybe you can elaborate a bit on things like that?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Nov 8, 2010
    Thanks for your replies guys. No idea how many cycles it had been through, but for the most part it was connected to the power source on the cinema display I'd say around 75% of the time. The battery definitely hadn't been through lots of cycles. No service battery message or heat issues, I do have iStat and monitor temperatures to ensure they are OK.

    Took it into Apple genius who had confirmed GPU/logic board replacement, unfortunately not covered so it would cost $700 AU plus $200 AU for battery, then labour and taxes on top, over $1K all up so not worth it unfortunately. I will mention that it is a 17" MBP also, which is a shame they don't make them anymore!

    Going to bite the bullet and look at an iMac as a replacement I think.. hopefully my 27" ACD with mini display port can plug into the second thunderbolt port to act as a second display.. I'd hate for both my MBP and ACD to be useless!

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