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    Apr 18, 2009
    Hey you all,

    i am a new mac user and am slowly starting to get to grips with everything mymcbook can do. I used to have a hotmail account but now i want to use MAC's MAIL. I already managed to get my mails delivered but now i'm struggling with the email addresses. I have managed to export these from my hotmail account to Excel for Mac but would like to get them, nicely ordened in Apple's address book so that i can directly use then in MAIL. Anyone a clue?

    PS Sorry if i posted this under the zrong thread, i am not all too familiar with the computer jargon.

    Cheers for your help
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    Your thread choice is fine, and it's in the right place. :) Welcome.

    Now, Address Book can import a data file like that. You don't actually have to name the address fields in the spreadsheet very carefully anymore. Just make sure of two things:

    - that each column of your spreadsheet only has one kind of information in it (e.g. last name, first name, e-mail address, etc).

    - that each unique individual or contact in your list only occupies one row of the spreadsheet (so, if you have people with three e-mail addresses, make three columns of e-mail addresses and have that person on one row of the spreadsheet with their three e-mail addresses as columns)

    Then, save the Excel spreadsheet as a CSV from Excel (Save As and then choose CSV from the file format list).

    Then follow these instructions:


    ... to import the CSV into your Address Book. If Address Book doesn't understand the column headings or you don't have any, then it will prompt you to identify what kind of information is in each column and then import the entries into Address Book.

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