Exporting chapters from iMovie6 and iMovie8 into iDVD

Discussion in 'Digital Video' started by PCMacfly, Feb 9, 2009.

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    I'm putting together a movie in iDVD, and one chapter was made in iMovie6 (HD) and another chapter was made in iMovie8. I successfully exported the chapters from each version of iMovie into iDVD, and I am able to burn to DVD. However, I noticed when watching the DVD in my DVD player that the chapters in iDVD are not continuous, meaning that when the first chapter ends, it goes back to the main menu of the DVD. I would like to figure out how to program iDVD to have the chapters play one after the other automatically without having the main menu load each time the chapter ends.

    Is it because I used two different versions of iMovie? Or is this just an iDVD setting I need to change?

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    I believe you have to make a movie with chapter markers in it. Sounds to me like you simply dragged two different movies into iDVD. That causes two differently buttons to click to play each movie.

    I know for sure iMovie 08 can't produce chapter markers. So, export a high quality version of you iM08 creation out to a new file, the import it into iMHD and attach it to the end of the movie already in iMHD, then finally add the chapter markers where you want them. Now export for iDVD. Test before burning a coaster.
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    Sounds like a lot of work but I will give it a whirl. Thanks...but wouldn't iDVD would have some sort continuous play for the movies you import? There has to be a way to do that without having to use chapter markers from iMovie. But if that's the case then so be it. And yes, that is exactly what I did - I imported movies from iMovieHD and iMovie8 into iDVD.

    - thanks again.

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