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Discussion in 'Digital Audio' started by Lolalola, Jul 10, 2010.

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    I've copied old VHS tapes to -R DVDs. I'm trying to take selective clips from the DVDs I've made and import them into iMovie. So far, using DVD player, I've managed to make "video clips," but they can't be copied or exported. Please, any ideas how I can get selective clips off my DVDs and use them in iMovie?
    Many thanks.
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    MRoogle would have answered that question for you many and plenty of times.

    Here are two copy and paste jobs from previous answers by me.

    There is MacTheRipper, RipIt and Fairmount to rip (copy the DVD to your HDD while removing the copyright protection) the video DVD to your HDD.
    Then there is Handbrake to convert the ripped DVD to a file like .mkv, .mp4 and .avi with MPEG-4 codecs like Xvid and H264,
    which are not meant for editing though, as they don't store every frame of the video
    (video DVDs use MPEG-2 as a codec, which also only stores every 15th frame and the frames in between are approximations).
    After that you can use MPEG-Streamclip to convert the compressed video file to a .mov file encoded with the DV codec (or AIC - Apple Intermediate Codec),
    a codec iMovie can read and is meant for editing, as it stores every frame and takes up approx. 220MB/min.
    You can also skip Handbrake and use MPEG-Streamclip for converting directly to a DV/AIC encoded .mov file from the ripped video DVD,
    but you need the QuickTime MPEG-2 component (19USD) to be able to access the MPEG-2 encoded video DVD footage via MPEG-Streamclip.But it would save one encoding process.


    In order for you to edit your videos stored on the video DVD, you need to rip it via MacTheRipper / RipIt / Fairmount,
    if the video DVD is copy protected (all commercial video DVDs are).
    If it is not copy protected, you might be just able to copy the Video_TS folder onto your HDD.
    Now there are two ways to convert the MPEG-2 compressed footage.
    1. Get Handbrake and convert the footage to an .mp4/.m4v file with the H264 codec.
    Further reading on Handbrake on transcodding video for iMovie.
    Then use MPEG Streamclip to transcode/export the .avi or .mp4/.m4v file to a QuickTime (.mov - CMD+E) file encoded with the DV codec or the Apple Intermediate Codec (AIC) or to a DV file (CMD+OPTION/ALT+E).
    Both, .mov and .dv, can be read by iMovie.

    2. Get the QuickTimeMPEG-2Playback Component from the Apple Online Store for 20USD,
    open MPEG Streamclip, in there go to File > Open DVD and select your Video_TS folder on your HDD.
    Then either export it as QuickTime with the DV codec or AIC or as DV file as explained in step 1.
    This saves you one encoding process, therefore time and image quality loss. ​


    MPEG Streamclip export options

    Handbrake export as .mp4 - example

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