Exporting from Evernote back to Dropbox, or other txt/rtf editors to use w/ DB?

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    Mar 2, 2011
    So, I am trying to use my iPad along with my laptop and desktop to get some writing done. Not serious multi-page writing, but some outlines to organize my thoughts. And I'm doing this writing in multiple locations, so I put all the files in dropbox thinking hey, now it doesn't matter which computer/tablet I'm near! On my macs, I do all of this in TextEdit using RTF files.

    Problem A: There don't seem to be any full-featured RTF editors that sync with Dropbox (or maybe none for the iPad at all). There is one that does basic bold/underline/italics, but I'd like things like lists and tables.

    Okay, so I convert my file to plaintext. Get to my iPad, and the only thing I've got that can open AND edit it is Evernote. Open it in Evernote, work on it for a while. Ok, now I want to put it back in Dropbox!

    Problem B: It was easy to get the file from DB to Evernote, now I can't find any way (Googling hasn't helped) to move it back post-editing.

    I would take recommendations on how to get it back from EN to DB, or other text editors (preferably RTF but TXT will do) that play nicer with DB. This is really cramping my workflow.

    Also, my iPad is jailbroken, so info on how to fix this problem with iFile (or another package) would be welcome. I don't have iFile yet, but I've been meaning to buy it and this seems like the kind of thing it would be good for.
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    Mar 2, 2011
    Hm, I'm working around this for now by using Google Docs for the moment (which is fine b/c now I have some simple spreadsheets I need to mess with, too).

    It looks like Docs2Go is the only real alternative? Anything else that works with Dropbox for a little cheaper? The last time I spent more than $5 on an app it was a disappointment, so I'm hesitant to pull the trigger. And I'm reading some old forum posts about it dropping RTF support, but it's listed in the formats it supports now, so I guess they put it back in?

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