Exporting iPhone 4 SMS and VM from iTunes backups

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    I have an AT&T iPhone 4, and I'm trying to extract my SMS messages and voicemails from the backup files that are supposedly created whenever I use iTunes to sync. Unfortunately, I can't seem to get the proper files. For the SMS messages I'm using the directions from this website, and for the voicemails this site. Previously, iTunes was configured to back up to iCloud with an encrypted file, but today I configured it to only backup to my Macbook (specs in sig) with encryption disabled. The backup folder claims it was created when I toggled encryption and iCloud off.

    Anyway, with the SMS messages, the file generated doesn't have any messages from the last week plus/minus a couple days (or for that matter, contacts added during roughly the same time period). The voicemails are all from (as far as I can tell) earlier this year, and there are only 12 out of 50+ listed on the phone. FWIW, I updated to iOS 5 on release day and have since upgraded to 5.0.1, I'm running iTunes 10.5.2 and OS X 10.6.8, and all of the relevant data shows up on the phone itself.

    Any ideas on why I can't get the latest data from my phone?
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    Have you tried the iPhone Backup Extractor.

    You can also use PhoneView (see my post here) or look at my other posts similar to this one (search or backup extractor), for guidance on what to do.
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    Yeah, those are still not getting the full list of SMS or VMs. It appears as if its an issue with iTunes not backing up the most recent data from my phone. Is there a way to see what I have backed up in iCloud?

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