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Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by bob5820, Oct 31, 2006.

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    My understanding is that when the photograph is saved to memory a certain amount of data associated with that photograph is also saved. Exactly what information gets saved? I’m looking for data such as f-stop, shutter speed, iso, etc. Basically data that will help me to learn what works and what does not. How do I retrieve this data, do I need special software? Does it make any difference if I save as jpeg or RAW? Is there any way to embed the data directly on the picture, say on the bottom, so when I view or print the picture I can see the exposure information. I’ve seen this technique used in books and brochures where picture looks like the view you would see through the cameras viewfinder. If it makes any difference the camera I’ll be using is a Nikon D200.
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    software like aperture and lightroom will show those data... lightroom is free if matters to you (since you already pimped out w/ D200:p )
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    Even in Preview you get pretty good Exif data. Command-I
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    An excellent, free, program is Exif viewer. It will let you know about EVERYTHING, with nikon DSLRs, it will even tell you how many exposures the camera has fired in its life.

    just look for it: exif viewer.
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    This information may be viewed in the Finder by doing Get Info on a file and expanding the More Info section. In other words if you right click on the JPG you can get to the f/stop shutter speed and so on. No special programs required. Finder does it.
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    You get more data with Nikon software too.

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