Express your Gratitude!


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Apr 26, 2017
I’ve found that gratitude is extremely contagious in a very positive way.
Both for our ourselves, but it also spreads around us like a web of divine energy.
Whether you believe in any God or just the energy of the universe.
Gratitude for the gifts we’re given makes our life so much more profound in many ways.

I’m so over the rainbow right now that my Ashtanga teacher actually have moved here.
It was so surreal to begin with, actually for her to. She hadn’t expected it.

I’m so profoundly grateful for the beautiful person and soul she is. For the sharp & skilled teacher she is & for our close connection. And of course for the steady practice it have started to, and will provide me with. With a teacher I trust 100%.

There is a few other things on my wish-list. But wishes is good to be kept secret, as I see it.
This was so beyond perfect and timely, and I fully understand the reason for it to come first right now in a rebirth of a lot in my life. After many years of deep changes, death, and transformation.

Counting our blessings and express our gratitude is good for us, and everyone else too.


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Mar 9, 2015
The North
Things to be grateful for:

I am alive.

My mom is walking.
Interesting, I have something similar to be grateful about.

Both of my parents are alive and in pretty good health for their age.

I'm beginning to be able to walk normally again.

Last, and compared to the others also least, my work shift was pushed to tomorrow, which gave me time to binge the rest of Bodyguard on Netflix today.

Life's pretty good.


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Jul 29, 2008
The Far Horizon
I am grateful every morning when I wake up. I am grateful for just waking up. I am grateful for a beautiful and full life.
I am grateful that I have had opportunities that women could not have had not all that long before I was born, and that I had supportive and loving parents.

And I am grateful that many of the things I remember that I had longed to do when thinking about the future as a teenager, such as study, research history, teach history, write about history, write history books - be paid to do stuff that I found interesting - travel widely, work in interesting jobs, have all, to a greater or lesser extent, come to pass.
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Feb 21, 2012
Behind the Lens, UK
I am grateful to God that my 21 year old Honda passed emissions tonight. We need two cars and there is no money right now to fix it so it would pass had it not.

Have to wait for my tags to show up but it's registered for the next two years!
Glad it’s all good. The relief from a past MOT on an older car when money is tight is something I remember.
These days I drive a newer car and they just charge you as much for the dealer service that you think you have to maintain to keep up it’s value! But I am greatful that we are financially secure.


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Aug 5, 2004
Catskill Mountains
I am grateful to God that my 21 year old Honda passed emissions tonight.
My 18-yo car just passed inspection too so I know that feeling of gratitude.

Also extremely grateful that the power stayed on through the early nor'easter that went ripping through here last night into this morning. I have a little firewood on the deck for emergency use in my woodstove... but I don't regularly heat with it any more and I depend on utility service power to run the blower motor in my furnace. Still saving up for that generator...


Jan 2, 2011
Nominated for thread of the year.

I’m grateful to live in a warm home, access to good healthcare, clean food and water, and surrounded by fine friends.

May the holidays and new year bring everyone prosperity, good health, but above all else a peaceful mind.


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Apr 26, 2017
I’m incredibly grateful to God to put me on the path of meditation, spirit and awareness (among everything else) very early in my life.

I was given the absolute best teachers. I’ve needed it.
The world is a place of immense beauty, but also of challenges, darkness and lies.
Having sharp tools to know the difference between what’s real and not, makes the difference.